A wonderful 3 weeks.

It has been another busy time over the three weeks since my last update.  In that time I have had the pleasure of covering three very different celebrations.

Carl & Helen

It started with the wedding of Carl and Helen at the fantastic surroundings of Dryburgh Abbey.  I am embarrassed to admit that even though I have lived only about 10 mins drive from the abbey for the last 5 years I have never visited it.  Its a stunning place, it’s a ruin but there is enough of it remaining to make it interesting.  After the ceremony we all moved to the exquisite  Roxburgh Hotel near Kelso for the reception.

The day included a surprise for Helen of having the rings delivered by Barn Owl and a surprise for all the guest of a firework display in the evening.


Carl and Helen are just the nicest folk you could meet and even sent me home with a handful of what I am told by my wife is the most delicious fudge ever made.

Raj & Rajneet

Next up was a trip to Glasgow for my first Sikh wedding.  Wow, what a day.   It’s so interesting to experience how different cultures go about the process of marriage.   This was just a beautiful day, even the weather was stunning.  Raj and Rajneet both looked amazing and the sheer spectacle of the whole day was something I will never forget.  From the brilliant colours of the clothes to the fantastic bling of the Bentley, from the grandeur of Mar Hall to the deliciousness of the indian food it was just a great day and reminded me of why I love my job so much.


I won’t begin to explain what an assault on the senses an Indian wedding reception is, you have to experience it for yourself.  I have never been to such a large reception which had such a feeling of family and friendship. Lovely.

Stephen & Amy

This brings me to Stephen and Amy’s wedding yesterday at The Marine Hotel and Spa in North Berwick.   The structure of the day for my part was interrupted by pesky showers but this in no way dampened the spirits of the guests.  There are some weddings when you just know that the band is going to have no trouble getting folk up and dancing and this was one of those weddings.  Everyone was in such high spirits and all were clearly happy to be there for Amy and Stephen.  I wish I had friends as good as theirs.   Now,  I am not really much of a crier but even I was fighting the tears during these speeches.  They were really beautiful and obviously heart-felt.  There were guys a lot bigger and tougher than me (yes they do exist) filling up.

The highlight of the evening for everyone was the surprise which Stephen had arranged for Amy.  He and three friends made a grand entrance to the dance hall with their bagpipes skirling.  The room went wild and Amy looked like the proudest wife in the world.  It was just awesome.