Big Catch-up

It’s been too long since the last blog post I know.  Little Cairn is settling into life in the McBeth clan but it is very hard work with two wee ones under 18 months.

Anyway, its been super busy over the last few weeks.  We have done weddings,  pre-wedding shoots, first communions, family reunions, shot Camilla from Strictly Come Dancing and local artisan furniture maker Robin Runciman.  Below are a few highlights.

Firstly we have the Semple Clan gathering.  What a fun morning this was.


Then Kay and Sinc’s pre-wedding shoot in the grounds of Thirlestane Castle.

Then Matt and Karen’s lovely wedding at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.  Here is Karen being preened and pampered on the morning of the big day.


Here is the stunning setting of Redwood Grove in the Gardens, just happens to be where Jess and I got married seven years ago, or is it eight?


And yes this is a cake, it was make by Karen’s dad.



As is inevitable at a Scottish wedding, the country dancing is enjoyed by all.


And lastly, this chap is local artisan Robin Runciman, maker of the most exquisite wooden furniture I have seen.