2016 in a bit of a nutshell

2016 is done for me.  No weddings now until February (unless anyone want’s a last minute bargain) so going to have to concentrate on catching up on blogging most of last years 30 weddings and sorting out my site.


Here is a short film showing some of the highlights of 2016.

Have a good Hogmanay when it comes and I will see you all in 2017.


Aikwood Tower, Ardgye House, Aswanley,  Dunglass Estate, Freja Designer Dressmaking, Glencourse House, Graywalls, Melville Castle, Muckrach Country House Hotel, Roulotte Retreat, Signet Library, The Byre at Inchyra, The Lighthouse, The Spotty Dog, Wedderburn Castle,

Lets start this year with inappropriate music

Good evening.

Now that 2016 is coming to a close (it is, shut it!) I am finally catching up a bit with these wretched blog posts.  So much so that I am now in a position to blog a wedding which actually took place this year!

This couple, who’s name I forget as it was so long ago, got married or something at a castle or something in Scotland or something.  I do remember that he was bloke with a short name and expensive tastes in wine and she was a lady with a huge bunch of flowers.

It was February or January and there was a big dog, yeh there was definitely a dog, possibly black.

Ok, right that’s all the boring details out of the way.  Lets show you photos of a wedding which I know you will only be interested in if you know these people or you are getting married and thinking about getting some bloke to come along and photograph it.  Either way, just spend 5 mins having a wee look.

Oh wait!  Actually it’s a slide show.  Not done one of them in ages.  But (it’s ok to start a sentence with but) apparently it’s good for your SEO if you include slideshows and videos and stuff or something.

I find most photographer slideshows incredibly insipid and overwhelming spew-inducing.  So I have decided I’m only going to do slideshows now which have altogether inappropriate music.  This one is a cinematic orchestral piece, apparently.




And relax. I do remember them.  I remember at least half of my clients.  It’s Bethan and Rob and the wedding took place at Wedderburn Castle.

Here's a cool one.

Here’s a cool one.

Right then.  Last November, frickin’ freezing in rural Derbyshire (that’s England you know, practically foreign), I turn up at the windswept Upper House with the feeling like I am in an adaptation of Wuthering Heights.  Dark clouds and horizontal rain didn’t bode well.   However, you know what?  It’s weddings like these which make me remember why I love my job.  It’s not about the weather or the location or the ease of parking or the fact that it’s dark by around noon.  It’s about the folk.  Not just the bride and groom either, but everyone.  When you are offered a warming whisky on arrival at about 10.30 am then you know everything is gonna be fine.  That’s because great people make a wedding great.  Nice people.

Kelly and Stephen are nice.  So were their guests.   For them it didn’t matter how cold it was.  They were prepared to huddle together under patio heaters to show their affection for Kelly and Stephen and their appreciation for all the effort made to make this day special.

Upper house was also brilliant.  A beautiful old building stunningly restored and one of the most amazing medieval banqueting halls you could imagine.

But like I said, it’s all about the people, and the main people this day were among the coolest, most relaxed and welcoming couples I have worked with.  Ladies and gents,  I give you Kelly and Stephen.


K&S-WD-105 K&S-WD-109 K&S-WD-110 K&S-WD-116 K&S-WD-118 K&S-WD-123 K&S-WD-136 K&S-WD-143 K&S-WD-153 K&S-WD-167 K&S-WD-174 K&S-WD-192 K&S-WD-222 K&S-WD-224 K&S-WD-241 K&S-WD-294 K&S-WD-315 K&S-WD-321 K&S-WD-328 K&S-WD-346 K&S-WD-353 K&S-WD-360

Forgot this one

Forgot this one

You can’t blame me for forgetting this one.  One of Scotland’s best venues, beautiful bride and a lady in tight leather dancing with flaming torches.


Anyway I’m glad I remembered as it’s a good one.


Emma and Chris at Dundas Castle.

E&C-WD-106 E&C-WD-116 E&C-WD-132 E&C-WD-148 E&C-WD-152 E&C-WD-140 E&C-WD-108 E&C-WD-119 E&C-WD-134 E&C-WD-159 E&C-WD-168 E&C-WD-172 E&C-WD-162 E&C-WD-213 E&C-WD-227 E&C-WD-221 E&C-WD-283 E&C-WD-308 E&C-WD-318 E&C-WD-293 E&C-WD-350 E&C-WD-363 E&C-WD-368 E&C-WD-380 E&C-WD-444 E&C-WD-455 E&C-WD-461 E&C-WD-467 E&C-WD-485 E&C-WD-533 E&C-WD-536 E&C-WD-538 E&C-WD-539 E&C-WD-544 E&C-WD-549 E&C-WD-558 E&C-WD-560 E&C-WD-573 E&C-WD-578 E&C-WD-586 E&C-WD-587 E&C-WD-591