Different things and Things Pretty

Hi everyone

No weddings over the last couple of weeks but been busy meeting new clients, booking in pre-wedding shoots and getting round to photographing other things.

I spent a day with Eleanor Conner, the owner of Things Pretty.  She is having a little re-launch of her website with lots of new stock and needed some product shots done.  We had the idea of shooting  in a grand Georgian house filled with lovely furniture to give the  homely yet aspirational feel which her stunning products deserve.  Luckily Eleanor has a friend who had just such a home, who was only to happy to give us the run of it for a day.









As you can see Things Pretty has some lovely pieces (can’t believe I used the word ‘pieces’; will be using a ‘space’ instead of a room next) and they are excellent value (well they seem good value to me anyway and I’m pretty tight).

Little Aaran

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of capturing Aaran’s 1st birthday party.  I arrived and straight away knew I was in for an interesting experience, as everyone was dressed up in animal costumes.  Dad looked particularly interesting in his lion outfit.  Perhaps a little too realistic; just ask the poor wee girl who cried for the first hour until he took off his make-up.

I was reminded of my childhood with the kids playing party favourites like pass the parcel, musical statues and musical bumps.  Of course there was the usual cheating.  If you ask me, blinking is a definite no no  in competitive  musical statues.  I’ve never seen a statue blink,  except those crappy painted people who line the streets of Edinburgh at festival time.  Anyone remember the particularly annoying guy dressed like the Prince of Persia or something who would jump around and whistle every time a tourist plopped a coin in his box?   The silver  robot dude is there all year round as far as I can tell.

Anyway, here are a few shots from wee Aaran’s party.  He is such a photogenic little guy, bit of  poser really but if you’re that cute, why not?






Well a quiet couple of days before a super busy weekend to come when we have three and maybe four pre-wedding shoots in the diary.  Here’s hoping for fine weather.

Over and out.

Craig xxx