Fi and Mike, a sneaky peek.

Now, I have done many things in the course of a wedding day. Sewn on a button, visited Asda for stockings (for the bride, not for me), rescued stranded parents, offered a shoulder to cry on etc etc. However I had two firsts on Saturday at Fiona and Mike’s DIY delight in Raehills walled garden. I shifted hay bales and inflated space hoppers (one space hopper, Fi’s uncle did the other). This wedding was chock a block (is that right?) with personality, fun and laughter. I am tempted to launch into one of my famous key word frenzies. Here goes. Blackboards, windmills, shortbread, pinata, hog roast, glitter balls, BYOB, dogs, cheese cake not cheesecake, bubbles, wee girls singing Elton John songs, wellies, giant Jenga, two bands, and on and on and on. I have definitely missed some things out but it had the feel of a giant garden party at which two people just happened to get married. Brilliant!!

Here is a sneaky peek.

See? a bit special eh?

bye. Craig xx

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  • John Baikie

    on 17/04/2012  11:04 pm

    Looks like a really fun wedding! Well done Craig.

  • michelle millar

    on 18/04/2012  5:58 pm

    What lovely photos, it was an amazing day and one we will all remember for a very long time...