Scotland, kenya union.

rowdy table at wedding

So far this year I have had an Irish-American wedding, a French-Scottish wedding, an Italian-English wedding and a Columbian-Scottish wedding.   Liz and Lawson brought me my first Scottish-Kenyan wedding.  It was brilliant.  Set in the opulence of The Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh, The Caledonian or The Caley to you and me, around Christmas time and on a crisp cold day.


A super friendly bunch of folk from across the globe and one or two interesting Kenyan traditions meant that this was a spectacle to behold and a great wedding to photograph.


morning prep for edinburgh  wedding

Lots of rushing around in the morning of the wedding

morning prep for edinburgh wedding

Happy, smiling bride

wedding flowers in jam jars edinburgh

The Flowers

Kenyan colour

Some Kenyan colour

Bridal gift for Edinburgh wedding

Don’t know what is in the box but the bride seems to like it.

the Caledonian, Edinburgh

The Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh The Caledonian.


Nervous groom at Edinburgh wedding

Nervous groom, deep breaths

here comes the bride

Here comes the bride

exchanging-rings-edinburgh-wedding L&L-WD-175 groom-bridesmaids-edinburgh-wedding

The ubiquitous wedding day selfie

The ubiquitous wedding day selfie

bride and groom on Edinburgh's princes street

Risking life and linb on Princes Street

princes-street-wedding bride-groom-caledonian-stairway

confetti at Edinburgh caledonian wedding

Glad I didn’t have to hoover that lot up.

The one and only Pipe Major Iain Grant

The one and only Pipe Major Iain Grant


Toast the Piper  edinburgh wedding

Toast the Piper

L&L-WD-295 L&L-WD-316 Mother of the bride speech L&L-WD-333

grooms speech at Edinburgh wedding

I do like capturing eye contact.


grooms speech at Edinburgh wedding

Proud mother watches her sons speech.


tradition kenyan cooking pop

Traditional Kenyan cooking pot so liz can cook for her man.

laughing wedding guest at Edinburgh wedding

Sign of a good speech

kenyan dancing at Edinburgh wedding

Liz’s Kenyan crew put on a wee dance for all the guests.

first dance at edinburgh wedding

First dance


rowdy wedding table

There is always one rowdy table at every wedding, this was it.

L&L-WD-426 L&L-WD-408

wedding guest dancing at edinburgh wedding

Feel free to express yourself with the medium of dance.

L&L-WD-415 L&L-WD-449