20 Years? Get tae f**k, Ya dos c**ts.

Around this time, 20 years ago I was sat in the wonderful Cameo Cinema with my then girlfriend (and now wife), waiting for the start of a film which would define a generation.  A generation of Edinburgh druggies anyway.  Trainspotting is 20 effin’ years old!!

I was new to Edinburgh and Trainspotting was my introduction to typical Edinburgh life.  I was somewhat disappointed to discover that not everyone in the city fell into the one of the brilliantly colourful character types of the main protagonists.   There are some streets in Morningside and Dean Village devoid of emaciated, dirty Converse wearing, borderline psychotic, heroin addicted ne’er do wells.  My aim is to draw my Edinburgh clientèle from those enclaves.   I would be more than a little nervous to cover Begbie’s big day.

A lot of you would have been too young to see Trainspotting when first released in cinemas.  I hope though that, at the first appropriate opportunity,  your parent, guardian, warden or keeper sat you down in front of the old cathode ray tube and shared with you this tale of a charming band of hapless rapscallions and their daring do’s, comical heists, intravenous drug use and extravagant bed shitting.

Not only is the film “pure class ya rocket” it also gave us this.

UNDERWORLD “BORN SLIPPY” from PapayaFilms on Vimeo.


I think the word you are looking for is ……TUNE!!!!


I’m unsure how wise it is ( in a business sense) to touch on the subject of IV drug use and anal incontinence on a wedding blog and I didn’t even mention the under-age sex and extreme violence. However, if you see past all this then perhaps I may be just the kind of photographer to shoot your wedding (and not your dog, in the arse, with an air rifle).