When I say a face that would stop traffic, I am of course referring to Lorena.  Although she is clearly very beautiful, it wasn’t actually her face that brought Princes Street and Lothian Road to a standstill.  It was a platoon of tartan clad grooms men and a couple of Caley Hotel concierges blocking the road to allow Lorena to make her richly deserved grand entrance.  Just a few short steps from the Waldorf Astoria ( the Caledonian) to St John’s where Andrew was patiently waiting.

This wonderful day brought my first Colombian-Scottish union and was filled with class, colour, tradition and modernity and was set against the always stunning backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.


Caledonian malt whisky beautiful bride at waldorf astoria caledonian edinburgh L&A-WD-113 Groom and ushers at Whighams before the wedding Whighams wine cellars beautiful bride at waldorf astoria caledonian edinburgh Dad sees his daughter the bride at Edinburgh wedding Dad and daughter at Edinburgh wedding L&A-WD-163 L&A-WD-172 Bride crossing Lothian road in Edinburgh L&A-WD-181 L&A-WD-184 Arrival of the bride at St John's in Edinburgh L&A-WD-186 L&A-WD-200 L&A-WD-197 L&A-WD-212St John's Church Edinburgh looking magnificent. L&A-WD-255 Bride, groom and confetti in Edinburgh wedding. L&A-WD-258 L&A-WD-300 Beautiful bride in front of Edinburgh Castle. Bride and groom crossing Princes street in Edinburgh L&A-WD-311 Columbian flag and Edinburgh Castle

L&A-WD-325 L&A-WD-339 L&A-WD-372 L&A-WD-405 L&A-WD-414 L&A-WD-418 L&A-WD-493 L&A-WD-508 L&A-WD-514

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