I used to know a girl called Aurora.  She was called Jane but she changed it.   It seems she is now hugely successful.  Not important but I bet I am the only person reading this who knows an Aurora.  Other than my wife (does she read my blog?) or the other folk who shared that Edinburgh flat.


Anyway talking of aurora, how about that Aurora Borealis eh?  Of all the aurora the Borealis is easily my favourite.  That Aurora Australis can’t hold a candle to it.   My affection for AB dragged up Lauder Moor last night with my camera.  I had never tried to photograph AB before and holy crap was it cold but I managed to get a few shots of the Aurora in question.



That green bit, that’s her (i think she is a her).  The orange is the distant glow of Edinburgh.   The wee streaks in the sky are planes. (Boss, De plane! De plane!)  A 30 second exposure makes them look like a streak.



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