When things get busy the first thing to suffer (excluding my children.  Esme fell down the stairs today, Cairn pushed her apparently, should probably watch him) anyway where was I?   Yes, when busy the blog gets neglected.

So here I am sorting that out.  I have a three pre-weds and a wedding to show you.


First up.  Bethan and Neil.  This couple are just ridiculously busy, especially Bethan since she is a GP.   So busy that we only found time to get the Pre-wed shoot done two days prior to the wedding.  So they took an hour or so out of moving tables, getting manicures, buying massive amounts of booze etc to let me help them get used to having their photo taken and relax a bit in front of the lens.


Im kinda glossing over the pre-wed to get to the wedding day.  Its was so beautiful.


The beautiful venue was Marchmont House.  Which was recently used to film The Awakening.

Stunning flowers and room dressing by Lyndsey of Get Knotted.

The Borders best event catering by the wonderful team of Rosie’s Catering

Music on the night provided by the always brilliant Corra. 


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