I will always be an incomer to The Borders.  I have only lived here about 9 years and I understand it takes approximately 45 years to be totally accepted by “the locals”.  Even then if you don’t like horses or rugby you are still looked upon as a bit of a weirdo.   I have laid my hat in numerous places in my short life (yes) but The Borders seems to do one thing better than any other place I have settled or visited….. PARTY!!!!  Fill a huge tent with a couple of hundred horsey/farmer/rugby types, light the blue touch paper (serve alcohol)  and retreat.


This brings me to Kerry and Stuart’s wedding in October.  They completely pack-out Linton Kirk then brought everyone back to the beautiful marquee at Kelso Race Course far a huge wedding party/reception.

I left before Kerry and Stewart re-enacted the famous dance scene from Dirty Dancing but I have been lead to believe it was a triumph which even that pompous twat who sits on the end on Strictly would have loved.

Anyway, Here is a taste of the day.

K&S-WD-104 K&S-WD-116 K&S-WD-122 K&S-WD-134 K&S-WD-194 K&S-WD-203 K&S-WD-218 K&S-WD-255 K&S-WD-259Typical Borders traffic jam.  Most of the tailback in a field.

K&S-WD-263 K&S-WD-270 K&S-WD-312 K&S-WD-344 K&S-WD-375 K&S-WD-383 K&S-WD-404 K&S-WD-419 K&S-WD-427 K&S-WD-440Farmers, or livestock “lovers” may know what is happening in the photo above.  For everyone else, our Groom is getting dozed.  This will ensure he is free from various intestinal parasites including Roundworm and Tapeworm which I’m sure you will agree can only be a good thing.  In this instance the medicine administered was called Smirnoffandorange.

K&S-WD-479 K&S-WD-531 K&S-WD-538 K&S-WD-564

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