I have been selfishly holding this wedding back.  You see its received a bit of notoriety.  You may have seen Rowan’s wee feature on the process of having this amazing dress custom made in The Scottish Wedding Directory.  And her shoes caused quite a stir on the wedding forums.

Rowan is what you might call prolific when it comes to wedding blogs.  Once you know her online name (I’m sure there is a correct word for that) you realise she is all over the wedding industry on the web.  As far as I’m concerned, she is a ‘big Cheese’. Which adds a certain extra pressure to being one of her suppliers.   Luckily, from my point of view, Rowan made my job easy by putting so much thought into her and Grants big day, and providing so many spectacular opportunities for interesting photography.  Plus handing the running of the day over to Louise of louise MacPherson Wedding Design was genius. More brides should hire planners.  She has her limits though, the weather was shocking but Fingask provides a stunning location whatever the weather.

The Shoes.  Rowan individually glued on each and every one of these wee red crystals.  It took her 17 years*.

Man I love the Big Bang Theory.  I see a lot of myself in Sheldon*.

Oh good god, everyone is bawling, not me though, I held it together.*

This guy is a Magician.  Why else would he wear that waistcoat?

Apparently this is what is known as a Jew-Fro.  Not sure if that is racist or not.


Remember I said the weather was crap, well just as well we had planned a post wedding shoot.


I have been reliably informed that these shoes are “to die for”.

Thanks R&G, it has been a blast getting to know you both.  Grant, good luck man.


Craig xxx



* some of these statements may not be true.


This looks like a beautiful wedding, interesting bouquet there with the chilli peppers. And an even more interesting choice of dress.

Her husband is a very lucky man to have such a confident wife.

Beautiful venue, seen it on another wedding on another website too. Glad you decided to blog this wedding, there was much anticipation on forums as to whether it would be blogged by you. Good work 🙂

Your choice of words are fabulous! Love your photography work too. I’m sure you was mentioned in a forum somewhere.

Keep up the good work (and Witt +humour) this was worth the read.

Stunning photographs and well excecuted. I love the lighting one the one with the little girls on the stairs. The firework shot is amazing and so hard to get right so shows what talent you have….

The wedding of the Century is finally captured in glorious technicolour! I don’t know about anyone else but for me this occasion put even Kate and Wills in the shade. Two totally gorgeous people looking amazing on what must have been a spectacular day. The shoes, the dress, the ukelele, made this the quirkiest of quirky weddings and we should all be sharing this blog with everyone we know, and asking them to share it with everyone they know, and so on. This much effort deserves regognition. I anticipated this wedding really badly and it almost makes me want to divorce my husband and do it all again, just to capture some of this spectacle. Thank you so much for sharing- it just mkes me so happy xxxxx

beautiful pictures…

This is definitely to die for!!!!!

Congratulations McBeth Photography! What a genuine privilege to be able to capture the magic of this wedding. And also, what a huge honour to be able to blog it. Lucky you! I know that I and so many brides have been ‘dying’ to see this so thank you on behalf of us it. It is just to die for.

Wow! This has totally made my day.

Sounds like the Big Cheese was very demanding bride who knew exactly what she wanted! Shame about the weather & lack of photos of stunning surroundings of the castle. I think I saw a wedding at same venue on Rock My Wedding at it looked beautiful.

Can I just say this is the best bit of writing I have read on a blog. 🙂

I laughed out loud at your comments 🙂 That firework shot at the end – awesome. What a great couple.

Was a long fun filled day Louise but you made it run as much like clockwork as a huge Scottish/Jewish wedding could.

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