Since moving to The Borders I have become soft.  No longer am I used to Midgies.  They are called Midgies where I come from.  One Midgie, many Midgies.

The Fact that Laura and Kieran’s wedding was taking place in Strachur on the banks of the beautiful Loch Fyne was the main selling point for me.  Throw in a multitude of fantastic, home made, personalised and branded wee features and this was a no-brainer,  I had to shoot this wedding.  Then add lauras’ wonderful family who made me feel right at home and you have the perfect job.   But wait one cotton pick’n minute there Mr.   No one mentioned the Midgies.  HOLY CRAP, THE MIDGIES!!!   From now on I am taking danger money for west coast weddings.



But if the weddings are as much fun as this was then I’ll have a bath in Skin So Soft and be a man.   I may draw the line at having to photograph the grooms hairy ginger arse in future though.  I liked Kierans idea for recreating the famous Athena poster but i’m just not sure ours will have the same kind of impact.  I imagine I could make a bob or two if  I sold it to specialist website but not sure Laura would like her husband to be objectified in such a way.

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