It was off to Harburn House last Saturday for the marriage of Chris and Vicky.   Weather wise it wasn’t looking good until just before the ceremony.  It was lucky really that Vicky was late (quite a bit late actually) as it gave time for the sun to get his deerstalker on and pop out to play.  Poor Chris must have been getting a little more nervous than a groom should waiting for his beautiful bride but Vicky was definitely worth the wait, she looked stunning.

They are off on honeymoon in Whistler just now (second couple this year to honeymoon in Whistler.  I tried Skiing once. Found the skiing bit pretty easy but struggled with turning and stopping.  Luckily the nursery slope was packed with lots of children to provide a soft landing and ancillary breaking) but I did manage to get a few shots to them before they set off so its ok for me to show these ones to my glorious blog followers.


I hope Chris and Vicky have a fantastic honeymoon and long and happy mariage.  Looking forward to seeing them on their return and showing them the rest of the shots from their big day.

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