Client feedback, I promise I dont make it up.

It’s great when a bride and groom take the time to send a wee card or drop a quick email to thank me for my work.  Getting paid is great but feeling appreciated is the icing on the cake.   However, when the father of the bride sends a lovely email you know you have done something right.   Big thanks to Vickies Dad, Neil.


‘I wanted to tell you that i have never seen such a professional photographer as you, your work ethic is second to none! You put in a load of work during the whole wedding day which can only be described as OUTSTANDING!! I have been present at many weddings over the years, and have never met such a brilliant photographer before!! Apart from anything else you are a nice guy!, and class it as a pleasure if not an honour to have met you, as i can tell, you are going to go far!! in your field….. Thanks for all your hard work, and i will be telling everyone i meet about you and your sheer excellence!!, and reccomend you to all. I look forward to seeing the finished pictures.
All the very best to you and yours…

Neil (Vickies Dad)


What a wonderful message, it’s always lovely to receive client feedback but this is something else! Great work Craig!

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