I will forgo all the crap about how beautiful the day was and the bride was radiant, just take that as a given, OK? (she was radiant though) (see we cant help ourselves).     Courtney and Jeff are each a clever balance of cool and geek in perfect equilibrium.   They met at a Punk gig, they are pierced in places, one of them has the confidence to rock a full on porn star moustache  and the other has a huge Game of Thrones inspired tattoo on their back, you can work out which is which.

Forget all the usual stereotypes we have about Americans ( I forgot to mention they came to Edinburgh from the US to get married), they weren’t fat,  were not wearing cowboy hats and they weren’t armed (as far as I could tell).  They were just a down to earth couple wanting a laid back, super cool, intimate wedding in one of the worlds most beautiful cities.


The Glasshouse was the venue.  Up on the roof in fantastic summer sunshine we were all treated to a simple, fun filled ceremony which seemed to really show the spirit and humour of them both and all their friends and family. It was beautiful,  but I didn’t cry. C&J-WD-101 C&J-WD-110 C&J-WD-113 C&J-WD-124 C&J-WD-130 C&J-WD-136 C&J-WD-142 C&J-WD-150 C&J-WD-151 C&J-WD-157 C&J-WD-163 C&J-WD-181 C&J-WD-186 C&J-WD-192 C&J-WD-197 C&J-WD-217 C&J-WD-219 C&J-WD-229 C&J-WD-245 C&J-WD-246 C&J-WD-252 C&J-WD-260 C&J-WD-338 C&J-WD-357 C&J-WD-366 C&J-WD-373 C&J-WD-377 C&J-WD-384 C&J-WD-386 C&J-WD-393 C&J-WD-406 C&J-WD-410 C&J-WD-427 C&J-WD-437 C&J-WD-440

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