Borthwick Castle was a new venue for me.  To be honest I hadn’t heard of it until Aimee and Nick booked me.  It’s some place. Absolutely stunning inside and out.  It is hard to overstate the high standard of the renovation/restoration of the buildings.

It’s a place of some historic importance too.

Oliver Cromwell (who I cant decide weather I like or not) got bored and decided to attack the castle.

It was 1650 (4.50pm) and despite ringing the medieval equivalent of the door-bell (which may actually be a door-bell) continuously, Oliver C was not let into the castle.  The Duke or King or whatever of Borthwick was hiding behind the sofa, (like my family in the 80’s when the TV detector van guy was around) and refusing to let Ols in.

The Ol-ster had a back-up plan though.  He was packing heat in the form a couple of massive f**k-off canons.   Cromwell’s men began smacking their balls off the thick stone walls of the castle but the building stood firm and apart from some purely cosmetic damage (not covered by NHBC) all was OK.

Anyway, eventually Borthwick bottled it and let Oliver in.  Oliver chucked him out and took over the castle.

Fast forward to Xmas time 2018 and Aimee and Nick decided it was the perfect place to celebrate their wedding.