There are still some photographers supplying their clients with images on DVD or even CD (remember them?). I say to these dinosaurs, keep it up because this makes us hip young cats (don’t you dare laugh) who have embraced USB flash drives (which have only been around for 14 years lol) appear bang on trend.

With my recent re-brand and new site etc I had to sort out new flash drives too. Now, folk may know me as bit of a procrastinator (“I’ll be back”) so it took me fricken ages to agree on brand, style, design etc. Then I had the whole trauma of choosing packaging for the drives. I tell you it was a hellish time, it’s my family I felt for most.
Anyway, all drive, boxes, stamps and shredded tissue paper decisions have been made and I am pleased to unveil (unless you have already seen them on Facebook) my new packaging for all my clients.







I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that all your procrastination and deep thought have produced a wonderfully presented product. Perhaps the next step is a his and hers presentation especially for marriages.

Anyway, the main reason for my putting thumb to screen is to tell you that, although I’m sure you know better, you have mis-spelt ‘know’ when you, or your scribe, typed ‘no’ in the second para.

Thanks William.

Can I honestly say that I am always more than happy to receive typo corrections. If not my posts would be even more incoherent than they are now.

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