I wanted this wedding as soon as Sandi contacted me.  Her and Pat are relaxed (to a point) fun and friendly.  The wedding was taking place back in Sandi’s home town of  Tarbert.  Now I’m familiar with the midge (the midgie  to give it it’s correct Scottish name) being from the north.  However I had forgotten just how bad the west coast midgie can be.  Lest just say I’m glad I wasn’t in a kilt like many of the poor guests.

The weather was crap, right until the moment Sandi arrived at the church.  This fantastic timing had something to do with the kind Dutch tourist who decided to crash into the bridal car.

This was the ultimate small town, family affair.  Largely home spun, very crafty but still full of chic details and impeccable taste.



Still raining. 

Squinty car after meeting Dutch tourist.

Stopped Raining.

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