I have no idea if that heading makes any sense, Babel Fish.

Annette, german genius and self confessed geek.  Donald, scottish genius and self confessed geek.  Surely a match made in heaven.    And these two are just about the nicest geeks one could meet.

To be honest, In terms of techie geekness Donald cant hold a candle to Annette.  One of Annette’s criteria in choosing her wedding dress was that it must have pockets so she can carry her iPhone.

So, they both love gadgets (particularly all things Apple) and they both love Malt Whisky.  Am I to old to be adopted?


Anyway, here are some photos from their wedding day.  Just about the most relaxed, unpretentious, fun wedding you could have, considering it tool place at possibly scotlands finest hotel, The Balmoral.


That’s your lot until the happy couple return from their tour of Califoria’s wine country.  Yes I love them a little more now.


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