A  first this time.

Craig and Abby were the first couple ever to marry in Edinburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe.  It seems they spend most of their time there, they got engaged there so obviously they got married there too.

A&C-WD-106 A&C-WD-110 A&C-WD-111 A&C-WD-118 A&C-WD-133 A&C-WD-151 A&C-WD-184 A&C-WD-200 A&C-WD-217 A&C-WD-226 A&C-WD-237 A&C-WD-238 A&C-WD-320 A&C-WD-328 A&C-WD-341 A&C-WD-347 A&C-WD-357 A&C-WD-363 A&C-WD-373 A&C-WD-377 A&C-WD-385 A&C-WD-401 A&C-WD-430 A&C-WD-436 A&C-WD-449 A&C-WD-452 A&C-WD-455 A&C-WD-456 A&C-WD-503 A&C-WD-528 A&C-WD-531 A&C-WD-546 A&C-WD-554 A&C-WD-568 A&C-WD-596 A&C-WD-607


The sun shone, the drink flowed and heels were kicked off for dancing.  Was a great day and suited this brilliant young couple down to the ground. x





Gutted we missed it! Amazing doesn’t even come close to summing up these pictures or many of the others I’ve seen of the special day! All the best, much Love G & M xxx

Its the personal touches, the pre wedding shoot, the fantastic photos of our day and including us in your blog that make you stand out from the rest of the wedding photographers.
Everyone cant stop telling us how beautiful our wedding photos are and how amazing it is that you have captured the day for exactly how it was-a true account rather than staged photos all the time.

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