There are few things as satisfying for a wedding photographer (professionally that is, everyone knows there is nothing more satisfying than a huge G&T and a packet of roast beef McCoy’s ) as getting booked by a family member or friend of previous clients.  It is reassurance (and boy do we creative types need that) that you are doing something well, or that you are doing something cheaply.  I chose to go with the former.

I covered Laura’s big brother’s wedding a couple of years ago so was really happy she and Marc got in touch about their wedding in Cheshire.  It’s nice to meet up again with past clients and see how they are doing.   So far I think I’m on a 100% not divorced record (that’s not a guarantee).  I wonder if divorce is perhaps not the most appropriate thing to mention on a wedding blog….  Anyway…..


Sandhole Oak Barn is about 30 mins south of Manchester (can’t move for footballers) and is a brilliant venue to shoot at.  It is set in attractive countryside with the lovely lake and great outside space.  The traditional style buildings with wood cladding and red brick make it a dream for a texture loving photographer like me.  Inside, the beautiful oak beams and masses of natural light allowed me to forget about all the boring technical photography stuff and concentrate on capturing the fun and emotion of the day.  Loved it.


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