Driving through to Glasgow yesterday morning my with the sunroof open and my shades on I was looking forward to a sunny day at Glasgow University Chapel and 29 for Kate and Euan’s wedding. When I was outside the chapel watching all their guests arriving dressed to the nines I was thinking how lucky they were to have such a beautiful day. Skip forward a couple of hours and I’m driving to 29 with the wipers on full and snow falling. You would think to look at the photos that the wedding took place over two days, or perhaps two seasons. But, you know what, that’s one of the things which makes being a wedding photographer in bonnie Scotland so exciting. It also makes us hardy UK togs more capable than most at dealing with whatever the weather can throw at us.

Anyway, whatever the weather the most beautiful thing to grace Glasgow on Sunday was Kate. She and Euan are such a great couple and I know that everyone had a fantastic time celebrating with them.

Here are a few sneaky peaks to whet the apatite.

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