I knew this one was going to be special. Chloe is a graphic designer from a ridiculously creative gene pool and Graym is a fighter pilot with lots of friends who wear uniforms and carry swords.

The setting was a wonderfully sunny but decidedly chilly Dryburgh Abbey Hotel in The Borders. Right on the banks of the famous river Tweed complete with leaping salmon.

Firstly I am going to show you some of the spectacular table centres Chloe and her family created. Each one unique and exquisitely detailed.


C&G-WD-101 C&G-WD-137 C&G-WD-146 C&G-WD-148 C&G-WD-154 C&G-WD-155 C&G-WD-141

I have never seen anything like them before. Just amazing.

And now for the bit some of you may have been waiting for. Young men in military uniforms, with swords.

C&G-WD-269 C&G-WD-191 C&G-WD-209 C&G-WD-262 C&G-WD-333 C&G-WD-267 C&G-WD-302

C&G-WD-189 C&G-WD-164 C&G-WD-239Amazing harpist Pippa Reid-Foster.

C&G-WD-444 C&G-WD-114 C&G-WD-107 C&G-WD-438 C&G-WD-219 C&G-WD-279 C&G-WD-287 C&G-WD-293 C&G-WD-295 C&G-WD-338 C&G-WD-340 C&G-WD-357 C&G-WD-383 C&G-WD-385 C&G-WD-414 C&G-WD-434 C&G-WD-480 C&G-WD-604 C&G-WD-593 C&G-WD-619 C&G-WD-630 C&G-WD-640The always brilliant Kilter provided the music.



Those small details are just amazing.

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