It’s all well and good having a flashy new site and blog  but you need to make time to keep it updated.  My normal end of wedding “season” lull is corisponding with us converting the garage to a new kitchen so any time I have seems to be spent choosing light fittings and matching clocks.

So I am going to go back to the oldest, not yet blogged wedding of the year and get up to date.


Here goes.

Malorie and Scott.

Unconventional this one.  I do love an unconventional wedding.  Scottish sailor marries american actress, singer, dancer.

The venue was the Caves in Edinburgh and the weather was terrible.  But this just proves that the weather is immaterial.  If two people in love want to be married and surround themselves with friends and family then what does it matter how warm or dry it is?  This is Scotland People!!

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