Right then.  Last November, frickin’ freezing in rural Derbyshire (that’s England you know, practically foreign), I turn up at the windswept Upper House with the feeling like I am in an adaptation of Wuthering Heights.  Dark clouds and horizontal rain didn’t bode well.   However, you know what?  It’s weddings like these which make me remember why I love my job.  It’s not about the weather or the location or the ease of parking or the fact that it’s dark by around noon.  It’s about the folk.  Not just the bride and groom either, but everyone.  When you are offered a warming whisky on arrival at about 10.30 am then you know everything is gonna be fine.  That’s because great people make a wedding great.  Nice people.

Kelly and Stephen are nice.  So were their guests.   For them it didn’t matter how cold it was.  They were prepared to huddle together under patio heaters to show their affection for Kelly and Stephen and their appreciation for all the effort made to make this day special.

Upper house was also brilliant.  A beautiful old building stunningly restored and one of the most amazing medieval banqueting halls you could imagine.

But like I said, it’s all about the people, and the main people this day were among the coolest, most relaxed and welcoming couples I have worked with.  Ladies and gents,  I give you Kelly and Stephen.


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