I do a lot of work for charity, mate!

Possibly ageing myself with that title.  Most of you young-uns will probably have no clue what I’m on about.  Search You Tube for Smashie and Nicey.

Anyway, its a lie.  I do hardly anything for charity, but that is changing.  At the moment I am in the process of training for my first half marathon.   21.0975 kilometres, 13.1094 miles.  Can you beleive that, im going to run for 13 miles (with possibly some walking, standing, vomiting and crawling interspersed).  But I’m not just doing this to impress the ladies, oh no.  I am part of a lovely bunch of folk from Lauderdale who are taking part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival in aid of Winston’s Wish.

Winston’s Wish are a charity dedicated to helping bereaved children.  Every 22 minutes a child in Britain is bereaved of a parent.   Have a wee look at the link and read about the work that they do.

So here is the important bit.  I want your money.  Brides of Britain, how about you get a veil which is a couple of inches shorter,  have a few less flowers in you bouquet or perhaps negotiate a slight discount with all your suppliers (including me) and put that saving to helping Winston’s Wish and sad little kids throughout the UK ?

Tell your grooms to have one less pint on the stag do or convince him to live with the tattoo of a willy which his friends do on his back and give the money he would have spent on laser removal to helping children get through the toughest challenge of their young lives.

I have just signed up to nine spin classes in March, 5 of which start at 06.45 in the morning, and what the hell is kettlersize??   The poor folk of Lauder have to witness me parading around the streets in skin tight lycra.   The least you lot can do is donate a wee bit.


So here is how, it’s just so simple.  Click here to donate.   Just think how much better you will feel about getting into serious debt over your wedding and having to sell a kidney to pay off the seat cover lady is is threatening to send the boys round, if you know that you have made a difference to the life of a little boy or girl who mum or dad has died.


OK so guilt trip over, now just get your hands in yer pockets.


Craig xxx



That sounds frogadabbadobulously bonkers, mate.

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