Actually I don’t.  But I can see the attraction ( I am a happily married man).  Anyway, when Tricia and Rob tied the knot we were overrun with uniforms (men in very tight, butt hugging trousers) (beginning to doubt myself now) because Rob is a Rifleman.  They were married at Dunkeld Cathedral and had their reception just a short, but teeth chatteringly cold, boat ride upstream at the Dunkeld Hilton.


Here are a few photos.


wedding flowers and robin red breast Lucy Gourlay of LG Makeup T&R-WD-124 Keith Marshall hairdressing making final adjustments. T&R-WD-132 T&R-WD-146 The River Tay at Dunkeld Cathedral Riflemen practice the sword arch at Dunkeld Cathedral T&R-WD-159 Wedding flowers at Dunkeld Cathedral T&R-WD-164 T&R-WD-170 The bride arrives at Dunkeld Cathedral Stunning Dunkeld Cathedral T&R-WD-196 T&R-WD-229 Sword arch at Dunkeld Cathedral T&R-WD-257 T&R-WD-269 T&R-WD-279 Bride and Groom on a boat on the River Tay. T&R-WD-289 T&R-WD-293 Beautiful table setting at Dunkeld Hilton wedding T&R-WD-318 T&R-WD-321 T&R-WD-323 T&R-WD-394 T&R-WD-405 T&R-WD-435 T&R-WD-467 T&R-WD-473 T&R-WD-476 T&R-WD-511 T&R-WD-536 T&R-WD-539 T&R-WD-577 T&R-WD-603 T&R-WD-609 T&R-WD-613 T&R-WD-617 T&R-WD-636

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