Emma and Gordon tied the knot in the exclusive and intimate Roman Camp Hotel in Callander.

I think there was something intrinsically camp about the Romans and I for one love them for that.  They were either flouncing around in togas or leather frilly skirts and fake muscle breastplates.

Anyway, back to Emma and Gordon.  Here are a few photos.

E&G-WD-113 E&G-WD-120 E&G-WD-125 E&G-WD-139 E&G-WD-165 E&G-WD-178 E&G-WD-190 E&G-WD-194 E&G-WD-201 E&G-WD-214 E&G-WD-262 E&G-WD-361 E&G-WD-388 E&G-WD-400 E&G-WD-438 E&G-WD-459 E&G-WD-475 E&G-WD-486 E&G-WD-494 E&G-WD-506

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