Very few people know the significance of that heading.  It’s not depressing, it’s the ultimate expression of friendship between 13 year old boys.

Michael knows it, so does Susan now.


Michael and I were at school together, we were best friends then he discovered girls and I discovered the pain of constant rejection.  He got back in touch last year when he realised he could save himself a few bob by asking me, his old mucker to shoot his marriage to the lovely Susan.

He aged well, and although he could  make a decent living as a Theo Paphitis looky-likey he now runs a Panasonic shop in Inverness (say you read the blog and he will give you a £1 off purchases over £1000).

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I headed up to Elgin to cover his big day ( I say his big day as I feel sorry for Susan, she could do so much better, possibly a Duncan Banantyne impersonator,  but she has settled for Mike).

Here are some photos…



It was a brilliant wedding/weekend and one which I shall forever feel honoured to have been a part of.  I wish you both all the love and happiness you deserve.

Love you guys  xxxxx




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