Ok,  so yet again I begin a blog post with a fake apology for not blogging enough.  It’s fake because I know that,  generally you (whoever you are) don’t really care.  Although I guess a new post is a good indication to my clients that I am still alive.  Unless my wife has killed me and is blogging in my name to give the impression I am still alive when I am actually in the freezer.


Anyway, dead or not, the work goes on.


Here is Laura and Jordan who got married at Crear earlier this year.

L&J-WD-103 L&J-WD-141 L&J-WD-108 L&J-WD-182 L&J-WD-119 L&J-WD-173 L&J-WD-181 L&J-WD-175 L&J-WD-127 L&J-WD-221 L&J-WD-242 L&J-WD-230 L&J-WD-225 L&J-WD-263 L&J-WD-334 L&J-WD-339 L&J-WD-185 L&J-WD-283 L&J-WD-304 L&J-WD-290 L&J-WD-309 L&J-WD-379 L&J-WD-381 L&J-WD-437 L&J-WD-451 L&J-WD-459 L&J-WD-479 L&J-WD-483 L&J-WD-491




Great pictures, can’t wait for you to photograph our Crear wedding next year!

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