Your classic Scottish beauty. That’s how Mette from Freya Designer Dressmaking described Joan to me. She was right.

When I arrived at the ‘girls’ house in the morning there was none of the usual bedlam; it was all remarkably relaxed.

Joan has a bit of a reputation for being late. She was therefore determined to arrive on time, if not a little early, at St Columba’s on the High Street (the Royal Mile for visitors) where groom John was waiting, along with about two hundred tourists.

Anyway, when she did arrive (about fifteen minutes late), I’m sure John and the assembled united nations thought she was worth the wait. She looked simply stunning.

It seemed the word had spread. The crowd which had formed prior to the wedding had increased for the first glimpse of John and Joan as husband and wife.

After the ceremony there was a quick dash through Edinburgh’s festival traffic to the Royal Botanic Gardens for the rest of the day’s celebrations. There had been one or two spots of rain just before the bride arrived but it turned out to be a lovely day. Perfect for a party at the Botanics.

The Botanics always holds a special significance to me as it’s where Jess and I were married eight or possibly nine years ago. 😉

That’s all I can show you just now folks, until J&J return from honeymoon.



Kathleen MacSween

Loving the photos……pre-wedding photo shoot pics are amazing! t’was a fab day. Looking forward to seeing the rest on their return. 🙂

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