Kenny and Gina are both Police officers. Gina happens to be my local beat bobby, no pressure there then. The weather was really poor but everyone had a good time (particulary and burgulars since half the regions coppers were partying on down at the Carfraemill with the happy couple).

Sorry Gina, couldn’t resist that last one.

Sadly, since the wedding, Gina’s Grandpa has died. He was determined to see Gina walk down the aisle, he did.

RIP Gina’s Grandpa.


What wonderful photos , wonderful folk and a wonderful day ….. Nice to see your Grandpa/my Dad as I remember him …… havin a free lunch ! ….. 😉 lots of Love to you both and wee Josh .

I love that he has the napkin tucked into his collar. Proper old school.

Craig i love the portraits within this blog, especially that of her Gina’s grandpa. So glad he made it to the wedding, a real one to cherish! Mx

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