The sun shone on Edinburgh on Saturday for the wedding of Susan and Andrew. I love these guys. So relaxed and friendly. Andy even suggested I photograph him with his clothes off. I politely refused. Here is their day.

Mr John Malcolm of John Malcolm Hairdressing. He is nicer than he looks. If I had hair I would trust him to cut it.

This is one of my favourite bits of every wedding day. The first time they see each other.

Yes people, wedding over. Now of to Edinburgh’s largest reception venue. Murrayfield Staduim. Awesome.

This was amazing. All the guests (capable of walking) were out on the pitch side for the biggest Orcadian Strip the Willow I have seen.

It was a really memorable day for everyone. While there I was wishing I was a real rugby fan (or understood it). But even as someone with no particular emotional connection to the place, Murrayfield under the lights is amazing. For about five minutes I was the only person out there, will never forget it. Thanks to Susan and Andy for a great day. Have fun in Italy. xx


It was indeed a fantastic day and a brilliant venue. Craig you were totally fab and lovely to have around. You felt like one of the guests rather than the photographer. Photos I’ve seen so far are gorgeous and I can’t wait to get a print of the one of Ben you have here!

Brenda Hamilton

Your photos look fantastic! Yes it was a fabulous day! Unforgetable in so many ways!

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