Sorry, I know, ages.

Been really busy and rather neglectful of the blog.

However, here is the last wedding of 2013.  Hogmanay actually.  That would explain why this post is rather heavy on the partying photos.

Enough yapping.  Here you go.  Natalie and Kenneth at Craigsanquahar.

N&K-WD-130 N&K-WD-156 N&K-WD-167 N&K-WD-237 N&K-WD-253 N&K-WD-279 N&K-WD-306 N&K-WD-321 N&K-WD-424 N&K-WD-445 N&K-WD-480 N&K-WD-496 N&K-WD-501 N&K-WD-510 N&K-WD-516 N&K-WD-519 N&K-WD-522 N&K-WD-531 N&K-WD-553 N&K-WD-561 N&K-WD-571 N&K-WD-587 N&K-WD-591


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