All “my” couples are brilliant, obviously (except the ones which aren’t) but now and again I meet a couple who leave an impression.

Jasmine and Dave are so flippin’ Yin and Yang it’s no real (as a wee raj may say).  Jasmine is bonkers, beautifully up-beat and optimistic with a freakishly infectious exuberance.  David isn’t, but what he is a good solid, salt of the earth old fashioned good guy who keeps Jasmine from exploding.

Their wedding day was entirely “them”.  Geekish,  cool, sophisticated and homespun.  A big Red Bus took guests from Lothian chambers to Howies with a wee tour of Edinburgh thrown in and  it was clear that everyone was having a great time.  Grannys blowing bubbles, what more can you say.

J&D-WD-104 J&D-WD-112 J&D-WD-131 J&D-WD-133 J&D-WD-109 J&D-WD-125 J&D-WD-138 J&D-WD-161 J&D-WD-145 J&D-WD-169 J&D-WD-177 J&D-WD-204 J&D-WD-189 J&D-WD-214 J&D-WD-264 J&D-WD-295 J&D-WD-376 J&D-WD-282 J&D-WD-299 J&D-WD-474 J&D-WD-392 J&D-WD-406 J&D-WD-413 J&D-WD-418 J&D-WD-424 J&D-WD-429 J&D-WD-430 J&D-WD-435 J&D-WD-453 J&D-WD-463 J&D-WD-492 J&D-WD-493 J&D-WD-507 J&D-WD-511

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