Our friends at 21cc Fireworks are by far the best fireworks company I have come across but even they would struggle to get close to the finale which Lesley and Stewart had for their beautiful wedding at Gatehouse of Fleet on Saturday.

The day started as many weddings do for me, becoming “one of the girls” and popping into the hairdresser to talk about curlers, shoes, boyfriends, ladies problems, sheep etc while I get some images of the bride and maids beginning the beautification process. I didn’t know that it end with the most spectacular light show I have ever seen and one I will never forget. In between there was a fantastic wedding at a stunning venue in ok weather with lovely people.

Here is a wee sneak peak.

Now this last one isn’t one of mine, don’t know who who took it, I stole it from the BBC website. This is what I saw on my way home.

It was absolutely bloomin’ amazing. I’m not usually one for speaking to myself but when I saw the fireball I said “what the f**k is that?” I watched it streak through the sky for about 20 seconds before it disappeared into cloud. Will never forget it.

It is surely a lucky omen for Lesley and Stewart.

xxx Craig

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