I love that City Chambers is a wedding venue.  Great to see public buildings being used this way.  Everyones a winner.  Couples get a stunning venue which is super value and the good folk of Edinburgh save 3p a year off their council tax.

Mhari and Lee had their wedding there in April.

M&L-WD-106 M&L-WD-124 M&L-WD-183 M&L-WD-171 M&L-WD-172 M&L-WD-180 M&L-WD-186 M&L-WD-191 M&L-WD-207 M&L-WD-211 M&L-WD-220 M&L-WD-230 M&L-WD-380 M&L-WD-259 M&L-WD-283 M&L-WD-301 M&L-WD-305 M&L-WD-351 M&L-WD-357 M&L-WD-383 M&L-WD-145 M&L-WD-152 M&L-WD-417 M&L-WD-426 M&L-WD-430 M&L-WD-451

Isn’t that so obviously a “oh FFS! don’t say what I think you are going to say” look?

M&L-WD-479 M&L-WD-495 M&L-WD-499 M&L-WD-527 M&L-WD-530


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