The shoes on the left were nice and clean and when I set off for Glasgow on Sunday morning.  Intriguing start to a story eh?  not really.

I was unprepared.  I knew we were going to Linn Park to do Laurie and David’s pre-wed shoot but did it occur to me that a park in Glasgow in winter might be muddy?  However I battled on through the mud and had a really enjoyable stroll, jump, wade, slip and slide with L&D and their Whippet pup Murry.

So, do you see the lengths I am prepared to go to to keep my clients happy.  Sometimes I surprise myself.

Oh, and the French title is in honour of Laurie who is from south west France and is in Scotland teaching French in high school.


But one pre wed shoot a day isn’t enough for me, oh no.  I rushed into town to meet Jennifer and Alan for their pre-wed shoot which started at Rottenrow Gardens.



The shoes on the right are the ones I bought as I had two meetings with potential new clients also booked for Saturday and there was no way I could turn up with those manky ones.   Struggled to get Cons in any any colour other than black, even looked at girls ones but they only went up to size seven and I’m a nine.  So got the rather spiffy pair of old school Pumas.


This weekend see the first  “planned ” wedding of the year.  It’s pretty much full steam ahead right through until September.  So, there will either be lots of nice pretty pictures on here or there will nothing posted until October cause I’m too busy.  Here’s hoping it’s the former.

Poodle Tip

Craig  xxx


…rien de tel pour se rafraîchir le sang.

My granny always used to play us Flanders and Swann records.

Great pictures as always! Can’t wait to see ours. 😀

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