I’ve discovered that in order to have a successful wedding blog you need to diversify. No longer can a wedding photographer just show pictures of weddings and expect to be taken seriously by the uber cool movers and shakers of the industry. We have to spread our wings and totally immerse ourselves in everything which may be remotely wedding related. So with that in mind today I am going to be bringing you my top ten wedding shoes, yes really.


Ok. here we go.


Check out this white sparkly shoe. I think it comes as a pair though. This is apparently made by Benjamin Adams. He is Brian Adams’ brother and Gerry Adams’ grandson (he’s not).





















Here are some more.

Ok so this one has a smaller back bit, lets call it the heel. I think this is for brides who are tall and getting married to short men. Unless they get off on the whole dominatrix thing. See this shoe, it shows almost all of your foot at once. It’s almost as if you aren’t wearing shoes. Liking the sparkly stuff on it too.




These next ones are definitely a pair. They are mental aren’t they?!! Like leather spiders webs or something. These are a size 36 (I think that’s european, european women have enormous feet) but I think you will be able to get other sizes. Beyonce would like these.


















Right i’m getting into this now.

Next up..






















These are not wedding shoes. I think these are slippers.



Now I know something about these. The red sole means these are Christian Louboutin shoes. The hole at the front is to let your big toe poke through. I think cricketers have a similar thing with their shoes. It stops them getting nasty blackened toes and the nail falling off. I’m sure this is not why Mr Louboutin made the hole though.





Right I have done 5 and starting to run out of interesting things to say.


These shoes are red. It’s ok to wear red shoes for your wedding now. I think in the good old days you would have been branded a slut for wearing red shoes but now most folk will think you are cool. Older folk, grannies etc might still think you are a hooker. Who cares what they think though, they were probably selling their bodies to American soldiers for stockings and Germolene during the war.
























These are horrible. Just buy cheap shoes and stick some hen feathers on them, same look for a fraction of the price.



Screw it, i’m stopping at 7.


Next week I am going to be delving into bridal underwear.






Haha this post gave me a good giggle 🙂

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