I am shooting through my backlog of un-blogged weddings in the hope I get done before the end of the year (not sure why).  So, if you have come here hoping to catch some of my hilarious banter and random musings you are to be  disappointed.  As our west coast cousins might say ” Bolt Ya Rocket”.

If you want to see Laura and Chris getting married at The Vu then “hing a’boot”

L&C-WD-105 L&C-WD-120 L&C-WD-126 L&C-WD-133 L&C-WD-148 L&C-WD-173 L&C-WD-188 L&C-WD-190 L&C-WD-205 L&C-WD-211 L&C-WD-214 L&C-WD-225 L&C-WD-287 L&C-WD-297 L&C-WD-306 L&C-WD-328 L&C-WD-338 L&C-WD-343 L&C-WD-359 L&C-WD-375What a pair of wee dudes, eh?

L&C-WD-403 L&C-WD-417 L&C-WD-424


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