Still getting through last years weddings on the blog. Nearly there now though, just one more after this cracker with Alex and Paul at Muncaster Castle.


Just before New Year I headed down to Cumbria for Alex and Paul’s intimate wee wedding at Muncaster.   It’s a beautiful venue for a wedding.  A real gem in the otherwise pretty gloomy west Cumbrian landscape.  Just a few miles from Sellafield but the geiger counter app on my phone suggested no real danger so I removed my home-made tin foil cod-piece and got on with the job.


A&P-WD-117 A&P-WD-103 A&P-WD-109A&P-WD-124 A&P-WD-140 A&P-WD-180 A&P-WD-213 A&P-WD-241 A&P-WD-318 A&P-WD-355 A&P-WD-356 A&P-WD-366

I pause at this point to talk about the speeches.

Paul is profoundly deaf. Bear that in mind and think about how nerve racking it is to speak in front of a crowd if you have full hearing.  Now you will understand why almost everyone in the room was blubbing when he spoke about his love for Alex.

A&P-WD-398 A&P-WD-389 A&P-WD-390 A&P-WD-405 A&P-WD-401 A&P-WD-402 A&P-WD-410 A&P-WD-407It was inspirational and extremely courageous.

Then is brother stood and launched into a quite hilarious character assassination.

A&P-WD-423 A&P-WD-413 A&P-WD-430 A&P-WD-436 A&P-WD-458

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