Sorry folks, not much time tonight so gonna keep this short and to the point.  No witty banter or clever jokes (read back, there has been some, maybe).

Pre-wedding shoots.

Debbie and Michael.  Beautiful sunny Sunday morning at Tweed Horizons.  Looking forward to their wedding next week as they are just such a good laugh.


Next one, (told you I was being straight to the point)  Matt and Sarah.  A cross border raid by me for this one.  Similar to the Border Reivers of old, but without any murder or theft of livestock (that goat jumped into my boot voluntarily).   We met up at Talkin Tarn near Brampton and enjoyed a stroll around the lake; just us, a few dog walkers and about 40 trillian weird wee flying insects.


Lastly but not leastly (probably not a real word), Kieran and Laura.  They took me on a tour of Glasgow on a wet Saturday afternoon.  Thought I was in an episode of Taggart.  However, something amazing happened … it stopped raining in the west long enough for us to visit some stunning locations.  Also meant I was home later than anticipated and so I got a row from Jess.

combined -1

combined -2

Also, over the last few weeks I have done a bit of product photography which I am not allowed to show you.  Extra-also (I can hyphenate words I invent),  last weekend was Dan and Isabel’s wedding at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh.  Can’t show you them either as the happy couple are yet to see them.  Sorry.  Not really.

The new website is coming on a treat and I can’t wait to get it up and running.  Very greatful to the amazingly talented Vici for designing it for me.

Ok, tomorrow is Deborah and Thomas’s wedding.  Check out the fab wee church they are getting wed in.


So glad to be working tomorrow and escaping the Royal Wedding madness.

Goodbye dear friends, toodle pip and so-long.

Craig xxx

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