Good morning you lovely people.

Weddings and pre-wedding shoots are coming thick and fast now after the winter lull.

Today is a day of preparation for Vicky and Chris’s wedding at the wonderful Harburn House.  Checking equipment, charging batteries etc.  Even ironing a shirt (yes I do that myself too).

Chris and Vicky are both ridiculously busy people so we only had time to do their pre-wedding shoot a couple of weeks ago on a cold and grey Sunday morning in Edinburgh.  But you know what, the weather doesn’t really matter (within reason),  for me its all about the couple and their interaction with each other and the camera.  If you go into it in a positive manner and try to restrain your inhibitions for a wee while then you will almost certainly have a great time and the photos will show this.

Here are one or two from Chris and Vicky’s shoot.



Really looking forward to their big day tomorrow.

Then last Sunday brought Isabel and Dan’s pre-wed shoot.  Again in and around the centre of Edinburgh but this time in the *%££%$+ rain.   We had the most civilised start to this shoot though as we headed to a local cafe for bacon rolls and tea before venturing out.  I am thinking of introducing this as a feature of all shoots from now on.


Someone had the brilliant (how does one show sarcasm in text)  idea of going up the Scott Monument for a few shots, Dan, I think.   I maintain I was out of breath at the top due to the altitude (would it be so hard to fit a lift?)  See below for Dan and Isabel’s confused puppy look.  Dont ask me, i dont know either.


These two were the perfect example of getting into the spirit of it.  Dan has a wide repertoire of Scottish accents he likes to do from time to time (even though it sounds more Mexican to me) and you would swear you were on the set of Cracker when he starts.



These photos are amazing! I heard your interview with Louise today and had to come check out your work. Good job!

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