Carolyn is a bonnie Scottish quine fae Aberdeen and Marnix is a sophisicated man of Europe from Holland.  This union brings together two countries which between them must have the highest number of cultural stereotypes.

But, the question is did these stereotypes show up on the big day???


Edam Cheese…..Nope.

Fighting……Not while I was there.

Getting drunk…… er, ok, you can have that one.

Iron Bru……Dont think so.

Smoking dope……Nope.



Tartan……Of Course.

Making adult movie….. I would have noticed that.

Shouting, “You’ll never take our freedom”! ……. Nope.

So it seems that generally us Scots are more inclined to revel in our national stereotypes.  I was going to say that perhaps that’s because ours are more fun but looking down the list of  the Dutch ones its clear they have good ones too,………..I love Edam.

Anyway, Carolyn and Marnix appeared to have avoided the majority of the clichés and instead put on a effortlessly elegant party for their guests.

The venue was Fasque House near Fettercairn in Aberdeenshire.  You really have to see this place to believe just how beautiful it is.  It is the absolute pinicle of class, comfort, quality and luxury.  Twice voted the exclusive use wedding venue of the year and its so obvious why.  Its a photographers dream.

The only thing more stunning than Fasque, was Carolyn.


Here is a wee taster of the day.

C&M-WD-149 - Copy C&M-WD-101 - Copy C&M-WD-111 - Copy C&M-WD-171 C&M-WD-218 C&M-WD-106 - Copy C&M-WD-134 - Copy C&M-WD-103 - Copy C&M-WD-140 - Copy C&M-WD-166 - Copy C&M-WD-198 C&M-WD-232 C&M-WD-185 C&M-WD-126 - Copy C&M-WD-270 C&M-WD-295 C&M-WD-298 C&M-WD-373 C&M-WD-343 DSC_4114 C&M-WD-357 DSC_4097 DSC_4267 C&M-WD-400 DSC_4190 C&M-WD-447 C&M-WD-431 C&M-WD-497 C&M-WD-509 C&M-WD-359 C&M-WD-457 C&M-WD-492 C&M-WD-500 C&M-WD-516 DSC_0013 C&M-WD-534 DSC_4607 C&M-WD-541 C&M-WD-553 C&M-WD-560 C&M-WD-612



Did you know that Peacocks climb trees?  Well when I say climb, they sort of fly-flap-hop into trees.  Fasque’s Peacock spends a lot of time up trees apparently.


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