It never even occurred to me that Scotland would have tennis coaches (apart from Judy Murray), but it does, and Neil is one of them. And what do you know, he married a PE teacher  (Jill) at the wonderful Macdonald Houstoun House last October.   The day began with a fire alarm at the hotel because some poor soul was ironing his shirt a little too close the smoke alarm.  We were all escorted out into the pouring rain (though not before running back to grab my cameras)  while the fine men and women of Scottish Fire and Rescue finished the guys ironing and gave us the all clear.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch (that’s an accidental pun) and here it is.


J&N-WD-112 J&N-WD-113 J&N-WD-114 J&N-WD-130 J&N-WD-120 J&N-WD-152 J&N-WD-189 J&N-WD-224 J&N-WD-392 J&N-WD-475 J&N-WD-479 J&N-WD-432 J&N-WD-491 J&N-WD-497 J&N-WD-406 J&N-WD-459 J&N-WD-453 J&N-WD-436 J&N-WD-521 J&N-WD-544 J&N-WD-559 J&N-WD-572 J&N-WD-578 J&N-WD-599


Clicked through to your website from a blog because of your genius advert. Made me laugh! Great images.

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