About Me

“About me” sections are a strange thing. Photographers usually talk in the third person about how “ (insert photographers name here) has had a love affair with photography since the womb and made it his life mission to yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah”. Then they will usually and subtly (not subtly at all) make you think they are super cool by saying they love old cameras and only listen to vinyl. They will talk about long walks on the beach and then let you into their personal life a bit by telling you they love liquorice and Downton Abbey before showing vulnerability by saying they hate their own feet. You know the thing; you have read it on nearly all the other wedding photography websites you have seen before you got to this one.
Well all that stuff is pretty irrelevant if you ask me. Rest assured though, I’m pretty normal.
I'm a 40-something, married, living in the Scottish Borders. Two kids and one new addition, Basil, our puppy and the real love of my life.

My Style

For years I rebelled against the wedding industry’s love of pigeon holing photographers into ‘types’. I squirmed when there was talk of reportage, vintage, classical, fine art etc. I resisted the need to join a club.
However, I think I am over it now. I still refuse to call myself x, y, or z but over the years my images (pics to normal folk) have been more and more in the photojournalistic (pretentious? Moi?) style.
I try to direct and interfere with my “subjects” as little as possible. Of course I am still more than happy to do group shots and I always love a bit of 1 on 2 time with my couples to get some great shots of them together on the big day. However, the rest of the time I am merely (nearly always) an observer.

My Ethos

I believe what couples want from their wedding photography is some shots of them looking great, and some nice group shots of friends and family. They then want to be able to look back and see that people had fun. They want to see folk laughing at speeches, crying at the vows and dancing their arses off when the band fires up. If you agree then I may just be the photographer for you. If not then you will probably be better off going for one of the photographers who claims to have met their life partner on a volcano and loves the smell of puppy breath.
As a general rule, when choosing your photographer, those who have a photo of themselves holding a camera on their website should be avoided. Any photographer who has images containing selective colour, you know them, black and white photo with colour flowers, needs to be reported to the United Nations for crimes against good taste.