How much does it cost to have such a fantastic photographer as you cover our wedding?
If I had a pound for every time someone has asked me that then I would have £2.
Look, compared to buying a spoon or an Ikea Billy bookcase, wedding photography is expensive but I’m really not as expensive as you may think. Get in touch and you may be surprised. What have you got to lose?

Will you give us a disk of images?
Absolutely not! Disks are so 2007. All my couples get a USB containing a full suite of wedding day images, in high resolution with which you are free to do almost anything you want. I am not one of these photographers who get all precious over their “art”.  As far as I am concerned, they are your photos. Also, I use DropBox for transferring images.

Do we have to have an album?
Nope, it is by no means obligatory and often couples would book for coverage and images only then come back months after the wedding when they are less broke and order an album. My albums are lovely though though because I use Folio Albums and their quality is outstanding.

Can we do a pre-wedding shoot?
If you want. You will see from my work though that very little of it is posed and no “practice” is really required. However, it’s a good chance for us to get to know each other better and I always take you somewhere nice for coffee and cake too. If you want to do one then let me know.

How long will you stay on the wedding day?
I don’t understand photographers who charge a certain amount to stay until the speeches but then more to hang on for the first dance. You book me for the day and I stay until I think I have captured as much of the day as necessary. I would rather be getting more great photographs than be at home watching the X Factor. Typically I stay until I have captured enough of the dancing but I’m happy to hang on longer if there are plans for fireworks or some other surprise.

How long should we allow for photography?
I try to work through the group shots as quick as possible but how long it takes really depends on how many you want. Typically I suggest to couples to list about 8-10 groups but if you need to do more then that’s fine.
After we have zoomed through the group shots I will usually take just the two of you away for 15-20 mins to get some more relaxed and informal couples shots.

What areas do you cover?
I go wherever folk will pay me to.