You can expect to encounter some things if you choose Edinburgh for your wedding. Rain, wind, tourists, bus lanes, tram works, the most pierced lady in the world. All these things you know could play some part in your big day. A few thousand fired up protestants with flutes and drums are probably near the bottom of your wedding day wish list though.


We discovered just a few days before their wedding that Fiona and Dougie’s day may face “minor” disruption due the east of Scotland’s largest Orange march. Say what you like about the Orange Order (I wont) but one thing is for sure, they really can bang a drum. I’m sure it gave an added frisson of excitement for the large number of Fiona’s Irish Catholic family who made the trip and a general feeling of home for her relatives who made the shorter journey from the west coast where weekend fancy dress flute marches are a common sight.

Dougie and Fiona choose the City Chambers to tie the knot. It’s a venue which I think is still quite unknown in terms of weddings but my word is it beautiful. It’s brilliant that this stunning building is being put to good use when the hard working elected representatives are not there doing their best for the good folk of Edinburgh, motivated solely by altruism.

Anyway, the ceremony was somewhat drowned out by the aforementioned sons of William but I think in the end Fiona and Dougie did hear each other’s vows and actually got married, Yippee!(not that it makes a difference to me, I get paid either way) . Here are some photos.


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