Glued to the PC, I can hear the kids having fun (and fights) downstairs and Jess hasn’t brought me a cup of tea yet.

Busy day of editing and then boring office stuff today.  Ally and Vicki should be back from honeymoon in Whistler on Tuesday I think, so I want to have shots ready for them.  I am making a wee slideshow of images from a birthday party I covered last weekend.  Little Ciara turned the big 01.  Trying to think of appropriate music to accompany images of a toddler’s birthday party.  I know that Leonard Coen had a track called Songs of Destruction but, to be honest, while I was there all the kiddies were very well behaved.  I was clever though and left before tiredness set in (their tiredness, not mine – I have two kids so I’m pretty much constantly tired).   Anyway I think I will just go with ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by the great Stevie Wonder.  Here is little Ciara:

What a cutie eh?


Also have to work on Sarah and Matteo’s album design, but I am really looking forward to that.  I never tire of seeing the images of their wedding last year.  By the way, Sarah has a lovely blog:  sarah-eliza-beth.blogspot Beautiful images and an insight into her interesting life in Italy.

I want to give a shout out (so hip ain’t I?)  to all the lovely people who have booked me in the last few weeks.  So Rowan and Grant,  Vici and Stephen,  Victoria and Gorden,  Lauren and Curt and  Anna and Chris… THANK YOU.  Soooo excited about capturing your weddings and getting to know you all better over the following months and years.   Also thanks to all the people who visited me at the Sheraton Asian Wedding Show last weekend and especially to all those who followed up with enquiries.  I am looking forward to meeting you over the next few weeks and hope you also give me the chance to cover your big days.


One small but (to me) quite exciting piece of news: one of my new brides, Vici, is a talented graphic designer and website developer and she has agreed to work with me over the coming months to revamp McBeth   For any business the website is vitally important and this site doesn’t really reflect my character and the kind of work I produce.  So hopefully with Vici’s expertise I will be able to project a softer, friendlier and ‘fun-er’  image.  I’m sure people who know me will agree that’s how I really am, or if they don’t they will keep it to themselves.


By the way, you all need to visit my Facebook page and “like” it.  That is obligatory.


Ok, gotta go, lunch time, you canny beat beans on toast with lashings of butter and a cup of tea.


Craig xxx

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